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Our luxury evergreen case, held open in front of a kensington townhouse, featuring top green green leather and a chevron grey and white interior. The watch case contains a tudor watch,
Elevate your watch collection to new heights with our Icon case, a masterpiece of luxury and style. The Icon case features a vibrant Orange Leather exterior and a sophisticated Houndstooth Cotton interior, creating an exquisite blend of fashion and function. In this captivating image, our Icon case graces an outdoor table alongside a stainless steel wine chiller, all set against the backdrop of a charming glamping site. An inviting garden chair completes the scene, beckoning you to experience the epitome of refinement in the great outdoors. Discover the perfect home for your cherished timepieces with this iconic watch case, where elegance meets innovation.

Our Watch Rolls: Where Luxury Meets Timeless Design

Indulge in luxury with Ellipse. Our premium travel watch rolls, inspired by the elegance of heritage sports cars, designed to keep your precious watches safe in sophistication. Crafted with superb attention to detail, our unrivaled design ensures your timepieces remain secure and stylish on the go. Handmade using premium materials, Ellipse watch rolls reflect refined taste and exceptional craftsmanship, truly giving your timepieces the luxury they deserve. Explore our collection today to experience the epitome of watch rolls with Ellipse.

Introducing the Evergreen Luxury Watch Travel Roll – where timeless elegance meets impeccable craftsmanship. This exceptional case showcases a striking Green Leather exterior paired with a sophisticated Grey and White Chevron Patterned Interior, perfectly blending style and security for your cherished timepieces.

In this unique setting, envision our Evergreen case resting gracefully inside a cozy glamping teepee, surrounded by the rustic charm of the great outdoors. The lush green leather exterior embodies luxury, while the chevron patterned interior adds a touch of modern sophistication. Whether you're on a glamping adventure or simply seeking to protect your watches with utmost care, the Evergreen Luxury Watch Travel Roll is your ideal companion.

Explore a world where your watches travel in impeccable style, whether under the stars or in the comfort of your teepee, safe in the knowledge that every detail has been considered. Discover the essence of luxury and protection with our Evergreen case, redefining watch storage for the modern adventurer.

Our History: Born from Passion and Innovation

Ellipse was born from a shared love for exceptional design, a passion for cars, and a fascination with luxury watches. It all started with a transformative gift from an elderly relative. That gift sparked a realisation: the world of watch cases needed to be brought into the modern age. Every case we could find seemed identical. It was a moment of clarity, an opportunity for positive change Founded by Liam, a designer, and Matt, a developer, Ellipse embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary. Our goal? Crafting unique, luxurious watch rolls inspired by the elegance of sports cars. As our journey unfolds, our commitment to design, innovation, and merging luxury with accessibility remains paramount. Join us in standing out from the crowd as part of the Ellipse story.